Water filter cartridges

Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

These cartridges are constructed using fibers made of 100% FDA approved
Polypropylene material which are carefully woven using a proprietary process
to ensure the highest level of filtration performance. These cartridges have PP
melt blown filters have multi-layered constructions with fine fibers ensure a good
prefiltration In addition, the polypropylene construction provides for a high level
of chemical compatibility.
This first-stage pre-filter removes corse particulate in the water supply and
protects the second-stage.
Quality of the melt blown cartridge used for the pre-filtration and used to protect
and extend the life of the final filter as menbranes.
FDA approved safety polypropylene materials suit a lot of demanding applications

  • 100% FDA approved safety polypropylene materials suit a lot of demanding
  • Graded density structure for maximum dirt holding capacity
  • Melt blown PP fiber, high removal ratings, filtratrion efficiency and low pressure drop.
  • PP cartridges have multi-layered construction, high capacity and long service life


Filter Media Polypropylene
Length 5″, 9.75″, 10″, 20″, 30″, 40″ (According to customers requirements)
Inside Diameter 28mm, 30mm (Special ID isaccepted)
Range of filtration 1μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm, 100μm
Maximum Operating Temperature 60 ℃
Liquid Flow Direction Outside to inside


Food &Beverage
Chemicals and Solvents
Plating solution
Waste water treatment
Electronic Industry

Big Blue String Wound Filter Cartridge

Big Blue String Wound Filter Cartridges are made with multi-layers wound yarn
construction. Ideal for removing solids ,such as rust ,sand , clay, Algae , Dirt, dust,
sludge ,particle …

This kind of water filter cartridges are made of 100% of  polypropylene fibre Media 
manufactured in Eu provide  depth filtration , high dirt holding capacity and best
effect of pre-filration available in a wide variety of lengths and porosities and can fits into all the standard housings  , we can provide  different end caps to all of their filter lines and for every industry , for residential and commercial.

Length 10″,20″,30″,40″
Inside Diameter 1.1″(28mm) 1.2″(30mm)
Outside Diameter 4” , 4.5”  
Operating  Temperature 2-  66°C
Longevity: up to 6 months (depending on the quality of water)
Retention rating  1,5 ,10 ,20 ,50 , 100 micron (µm)


Carbon Block cartridge

Water treatment filter cartridges with coconut shells activated carbon block to eliminate certain volatile organic compounds, odors , bad taste  and unwanted chlorine in driking water.
Replacement carbon block filter fit standard filters  is recommended   at least once a year. Typical life expectancy varies greatly depending on water parameters and usage.

• Drinking Water
• Reverse Osmosis Pre-filtration
• Industrial Water Filtration
• Food & Beverege Filtration
• Point-of-Entry Residential Filtration

• Modified carbon block cartridge for taste and odor
• High chlorine reduction.
• Low initial pressure drop and high performance .
• High dirt holding capacity.
• Long  durationn cartridge life.
• Retains dust and solid particles,
• Ideal for: chlorine smell


Empty cartridges

Empty 10″ Refillable inline filter cartridge

You can fill water filter cartridges  with various media to meet your needs 

Depending on your needs,You can fill a variety of particulate filter

Clear casing is another benefit, because you know what is inside. The cartridge
is equipped with preand post-filters preventing media from being washed out.


– Size: 10″

– Minimum Temperature: 2C

– Maximum Temperature: 45C

– Operating Pressure: 6 bar

Anti-scale Polyphosphare Cardridge

Polyphosphate filter catridges  for protects against scale and corrosion


Cardridge Media: Polyphosphate
Longevity: 3-6 months (depening on feed water quality)

The cartridge is dedicated for cold water filtration

Size: 10″

Working temperature: 2C – 45C

Cartridge operating pressure: 6 bar