Water filter housing

Water filter housing 10inch: 

 Using a water filter housing with cartridge is the most common way to purify the water in your home or office.

Our  water filter housing will accommodate all standard  water purification cartridges.

By attaching the filter to your cold water line, you can remove such as dirt, sand and silt from your home’s pipelines and make sure to provide  a cleaner  and fresh water for  your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room ….


• Reduces sediment, rust, precipitated scale and precipitated iron/minerals.

• Large capacity housing for high flow applications

• High-capacity water filter with optimum flow rate

Water  Filtration Big Blue :

The Big Blue housing make the water in your house  more cleaner by removing dirt and protect pipes and fixtures lines.

They are usually placed in the main water line entering the house.

By using appropriate  cartridges,we solve different kind of problems  in water  as a chlorine,hardness …

The large capacity cartridges filtration and the high-flow polypropoylene cap inlet and outlet ports  can be the best solution for your whole house needs.

Water filter system housings can be used for industrial / commercial applications as it is constructed of durable and reinforced material with high chemistry tolerance capacity , temperature and pressure too.

• Durable whole house filter housing
• Ideal for residential, commercial and industries purposes
• Accept standard industry cartridges of 20″ length and 4.5″ diameter. 
• Large capacity housing
• Thread Inlet/Outlet: 1″, 1 1/2″.